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Food Innovations Program

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Welcome to the Food Innovations Program, located in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech.

Our goal is to provide the assistance needed for Virginia’s food processing industry to produce high quality, safe, and innovative food products. We strive to increase the awareness of Virginia’s food producers to matters of food safety, pertinent food regulations, and general concerns associated with starting a food business.


Did you know that we are restructuring? While our product testing services are currently on hold, you can still ask us your questions! Learn more here: 

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What we have to offer:

As Virginia’s food industry grows and continues to diversify, so does the need for there to be access to educational training and technical assistance. The Food Innovations Program brings together Food Science and Technology’s Extension faculty and trained staff to provide solutions to the growing needs of Virginia’s food industry.

The Food Innovations Program can provide educational programs (such as Better Process Control School, Food Product Recall, and Juice HACCP), guidance for starting-up food entrepreneurs, food product testing, and technical guidance.  We are currently located in the Food Science and Technology Building on Virginia Tech’s campus, and we are looking forward to our move in 2014 to the new Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building (HABB1) facility. The new facility, located across the street from our present building, will provide the department with additional laboratories, pilot plant, taste panel and kitchen facilities, conference rooms, graduate student research spaces and faculty and staff offices.

We are proud to offer our assistance in the following areas:

  • Product Safety Evaluation
  • Guidance in local, state and Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • Links to Business Assistance
  • Assistance with Food  Labeling

The Food Innovations Program offers food testing services to help ensure food safety and regulatory compliance for new food products entering the market. In  addition, we can provide nutrition facts panels for your product's label. By testing your food, our program can help to classify your sample according to regulatory guidelines and to determine proper processing steps in order to make a safe product.